Regulation of International Folklore Festival „Dobroge, mândră grădină” – ninth edition, 2013

The festival is organized by „Future Projects” Artistic Agency in collaboration with Cultural Association of Choreographers, Scenographers, Freelancing Artists and Amateur Artists from Constanta, County Youth and Sport Institution, County School Inspectorate, several City Halls and Local Councils of Constanta County and some other partners from Constanta.

The festival aims to preserve and highlight traditional music and dance from all ethnographic areas of the country on a high quality level, to discover and promote real talents, as well as a better understanding of the traditions and folklore of other countries thus contributing by cultural and ideas exchanges to strengthen the friendship and spiritual enrichment of the participants.

“Dobroge, mandra gradina” aims to be a real celebration of traditional music and dance from all over the country to which can contribute groups from abroad, in the opening of the summer season on the Romanian Black Sea Coast.


Unlike previous editions, the ninth edition of the festival will be divided in two distinct sections:


Section 1: The contest

The following categories of groups are allowed to participate:

  1. Singers and dancers ensembles which will consist of a group of dancers, orchestra, 1 or 2 vocal soloists, 1 or 2 instrumental soloists and if necessary for the prepared contest program a vocal group which will have maximum 6 singers. Each ensemble will be allocated a stage time of 25-30 minutes and the maximum number of members allowed in the group (including leaders and auxiliary personnel) is 45. For evening shows presented for the audience the stage time may vary between 30 – 45 – 60 minutes for each ensemble.
  2. Folklore ensembles which will present in an artistic form one of their traditional customs (ex. wedding customs). The group will consist of max. 35 members (including leaders and auxiliary personnel) and they will be chosen by the leaders in accordance with their prepared program. Musical accompaniment will be provided by 1 to 3 traditional instruments. The program presented during the contest will be in accordance with ethnographic area the group represents.

Professional groups will not be allowed in the competition.

Registration deadline is April 15, 2013.

If the groups are bigger than we specified, the exceeding number of members will fully pay for their accommodation and meal services. Group members will be between 8 and 25 years old (except leaders and auxiliary personnel). The jury will consist of specialists and famous personalities involved in artistic activities and have a great experience in such festivals. The confirmation of registration, details exchange and paying the fees will take place between February 15, 2013 and April 15, 2013 after which any registration attempt will be declined.

In order to register, the following are required:

  • members list which will contain: first and last name, date of birth, city of residence, function, passport or ID number;
  • a group picture;
  • one or 2 pictures taken during a performance;
  • a short description of the ensemble, details about artistic activity, prizes and achievements, etc.
  • leaflets.

Section 2: The festival

Starting with this edition, the festival will consist of evening shows which will take place in resorts located on Romanian seaside, in various cities and towns from Constanta County and other places chosen by the organizers.

A number of max. 40 Romanian groups can participate in the festival (it is recommended to be 1 group for each county) and this number may increase by the guests invited by organizers as well as international guests. Each group will be accompanied by instrumental singers or if this is not possible they will have to record their music on a CD in audio format and preferably at a low speed.

The groups which will participate in the festival are not required to participate in the contest. Each of the groups will consist of max. 30 members (including leaders and auxiliary personnel). If the groups has more than 30 persons, the exceeding number of them will have to fully pay their accommodation and meal services.

All the groups which will participate in the contest and in the festival will perform during the evening shows which will be preceded by a popular costumes parade.

Group leaders are required to attend technical meetings each time they are notified.

All the participants are required to comply with this regulation, festival schedule and organizers specifications. Those who will fail to do so may be eliminated from the contest/festival.


Participants arrival will take place on June 25, 2013 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM in a location which will be announced by organizers as soon as the registration process ends.

Meal service starts on June 25 with dinner and ends on June 30 with lunch.

Accommodation service starts on June 25 at 2:00 PM and ends on June 30 at 03:00 PM.

If some of the participants arrive during the second day of festival without a valid reason to justify their late arrival they will be eliminated from the festival.

Accommodation and meal services fees will divide as follows:

a) for the groups which will participate in the contest 70% will be payed by group members and the rest of 30% by organizers;

b) for the groups which will participate only in the festival (evening shows) 80% will be payed by group members and the rest of 20% by organizers;

c) for everyone else who wishes to attend the shows the fees are entirely their own responsibility.

Each person’s contribution for accommodation and meal services is as follows:

  • for CONTEST attendants: 430 Ron / person for a period of 5 days;
  • for FESTIVAL attendants: 445 Ron / person for a period of 5 days;
  • for everyone else: 555 Ron / person for a period of 5 days.

Paying of this contribution will be done before February 15, 2013 in organizer’s account after the exchange of details.

Each group must come with their own bus and this must be available 24/7 in order to attend the shows and contest. Organizers will provide fuel costs for local transportation only.

If the participants are not pleased with the services the organizers provide during the festival they can select another hotel and restaurant but the services will be provided on their own expense without any implication from the organizers.

Registration fees are as follows:

  • for singers and dancers ensembles: 250 Ron / ensemble;
  • for folkloric groups: 200 Ron / group;
  • for dance groups: 150 Ron / group

Special requests made by accommodation services provider:

  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited in the hotel and other festival locations.
  • It is forbidden to bring other persons (who are not part of your group) in the area of accommodation.
  • We do not accept indecent behavior and disturbing other tourists.

Those who fail to comply with these requests can and will be eliminated from the festival.

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